Yoga Nidra - Sleeping Blissfully

Yoga Nidra refers to deep yogic sleep and allows one to sleep well and wake up refreshed.It allows one to transform by connecting to the capacity of the mind in sleep state, to tap into will power, inspire the higher self and enjoy the vitality of life.Relax and slip into deep sleep with Yoga Nidra.

This is a guided meditation CD, where Maitreya's unique methodology allows one to achieve deep sleep state.
Listen to it and sleep deep, so that when you awaken the body is fully rested.

This results in not feeling fresh when you wake up.

" Yoga Nidra allows one to sleep so deep that a state of even 45 min of this sleep is enough to carry on the day for another 8 - 12 hrs as if you have slept for 8 hrs already.
The steps are simple and by doing this daily, one also throws away all the unnecessary muck which we keep collecting as garbage in our mind". - Chaitanya

"In our class people demand to play Maitreya's Yoga Nidra CD .It is like as if all you ever wanted to sleep took place in these 45 min. A rested body and a rested mind allows one to feel detoxified and lighter."- Sharmila

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