The Way by Maitreya

Maitreya Darshan is a series of group sessions where Maitreya gives insights into the Way a Human being can actually realise himself and move into higher states of awareness and allow the realisation of the Divine Light.

Excerpt from The Way :
You have seen in your own life that forcing one does not yield results. The moment you left pushing something down one's throat, you got the result.
Was forcing of any use? You tried hard to make him see the point, but did anything happen? What happened the moment you left it?

One who must lose himself/herself will do so. You can only show the path. If the path chosen by him is wrong, even then you can only merely suggest that the path may be wrong or not good for him.
To listen to the suggestion or not is up to the person. It is not in your hands. You cannot force the person to go the right way.

If at all, you can put only one condition, but not multiple. If he goes out and makes friendships which are negative in nature, then it is his choice. If he continues with them, he will change accordingly. Your own good or positive ideas for him will not make any difference to him.
It is so because they are your ideas. On his part, your son need not work on the ideas that you have for him.
He may walk on the path shown by you. But you need to show the path rather than force it.

You may say that you do good service or you would like to,but would you be after the person who you helped and keep repeating to him that you must listen to me for I have done good for you.
He will get frustrated and say I don't need your help. I will live my life the way I want.
It only translates into your service going to waste. You did not get any result.
It is so because in the first place it was your wish which you forced down on the person. I wanted to become a doctor but I could not, so my son will be a doctor. This is forcing him.

Why are you pushing your wish down someone else's throat?

There is a way for him which can be triggered by HIM. That is the path of Dharma.
On the other hand, spirituality is when you can say that I can show the way but it will happen according to the wish of the Lord. He will take care of it. This is the difference between Dharma and Spirituality.

People think Dharma means following rituals, worshipping, reading scriptures, going to places of worship, but the Lord cannot be pleased with this. It is so because you are doing these things for your own self, for your child or for the family. There is nothing beyond that for you.

So where is the Lord? For you, you are there,your family is there..that's all.
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