SoulSearchers- Festival of Lights Deepawali Light the Lamp Within -ebook

Light is the most fascinating thing in the whole universe. On its own, it does not have any colour, caste, creed, religion. It remains there bringing awakening to sleeping souls. The moment one awakens the spirit within, the consciousness dances to the spirit of the light and oneness happens. This brings in joy, happiness within leading to prosperity, health and wealth for the self and those loved ones around in the most auspicious and positive manner.

Deepawali, the festival of light, is based on the whole concept of expanding, connecting and experiencing the light within, while the surrounding full moon night is covered in darkness. Thus it is a moment of lighting up the inner self so the world is lit up from sparks of individual spirit light.

This ebook shows the various meditations and ways during the Deepawali week . It contains the following:

1. For Financial Stability - a simple effective process to be done by the individual on Dhanteras, Narak Chaturthi, & on Deepavali day

2. Calming Meditation - one of the powerful ways to calm the agitated mind, which can be practised in office or at home. Many have realised the power of this meditation.

3. About Deepavali

May this deepawali illuminate the way for everyone in the most fascinating, auspicious, healthy and wealthy manner. Wishing everyone a lifetime of festivity of light,

With the blessings of the universal light,

Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

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