Healing Powers of the Pyramids

There are many books available in the market that talk about the concept of Pyramids and its related history but they restrict themselves to the standard history and rarely touch the mystical powers of the pyramid.

The current book will take you into a realm of Techniques of Pyramids that has been rarely discussed or even delved. This is the first part of two-volume set, but the coverage has been done in such a way that each volume would be complete on its own terms.

Have you wondered how the Pyramids were built?
What is the purpose of having Sphinx at Egypt?
Why was it built?

The moment someone takes the name of Egypt a mysterious aura of energy transports us into the land of pyramids, sphinx, mummies, pharaohs etc.

Even among the many of the mysterious and occult related things in Egypt it is Pyramids that have caught on the fascination of the world. The main reason being that Great Pyramid is the only one of the Seven Great Wonders of the Ancient World still standing in its full grandeur. The craftsmanship of the Great Pyramid is a marvel that does not have any match in any part of the world.

Great Pyramid consists of:

  • Each mortar joint in the pyramid is consistent at one and half inch
  • More than two million stones have been used to construct the pyramid.
  • None of the stone weighs less than a ton (most of them weight nearly two and a half tons) some stones weight nearly 20 tons.
  • It covers more than 13 acres in area and is solid in nature.

Imagine the mammoth task of building such a huge structure. This mathematical wonder is placed at the perfect centre of the Earth's gravitational force and this has been proved by many of the researchers worldwide. Even the most advanced techniques used to build the Paris observatory is nearly 6 minutes off the perfect North, while the Great Pyramid is almost exactly on the North, East, West and South. All this perfection so many thousands of years ago. Isn't it a marvel that the world has been provided with such perfection thousands of years ago.

All these facts are just a scrapping off the first layer of the huge mammoth science of Pyramids. These and other mystical stories of Egypt have fascinated children and adults similarly around the world for thousands of years.

Maitreya says "The interest of mine got better and I started working on the mystical powers of the pyramids and in the last six years I have been able to develop many techniques using the mystical powers of pyramids and have found them working in the most miraculous way.

In this book I try and cover most of the techniques as discovered and developed by His grace. This book does not endeavour to work on the historical authenticity and current scientific analysis of the researchers, as many great authors have written a lot about it, this book is a treatise on various techniques that is possible using pyramids".

The book is divided in the following sections for better understanding of the techniques

  • Historical Background
  • Various Gods and Deities of Egypt
  • Sri Yantra and the relation with Pyramid
  • Various Techniques used with Pyramid
  • Cut and Use of Pyramids
  • Pyramids Grids covering most of the important grids


  • Pyramids Energy in Daily Use
  • Blank energy
  • Office Rest and Rejuvenation Technique
  • Pyramid Caps
  • Pyramids-Pyramid Formation
  • White Light Meditation
  • Violet Beam Technique
  • Wish Boxes- Galore
  • Mystical Pyramid Techniques
  • Natural Pyramid
  • Shat Kone Siddhi
  • Power of the Eastern Direction
  • Power Technique of Earth
  • Harness the Power of Pyramid (Cut & Use Pyramids)
  • Power Grids (16 power Girds have been covered)


Truly a Treatise on Pyramid Meditational Methods.

Pages : 170 pages in English

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